Problems viewing or passing CAPTCHA verification

Yahoo uses CAPTCHA verification to protect against spam or other unauthorized account access. By selecting the correct images, you verify you’re human and not a spam-sending computer.

 Can’t sign in to your account? Learn how to fix problems with your password or Yahoo ID.

When you’ll encounter a CAPTCHA

  • Sending an email containing HTML, links, embedded graphics, attachments.
  • Forwarding messages (chain letters, jokes, etc.).
  • Performing too many failed sign in attempts.
  • Accessing your account from a new browser, computer, or location.
  • Creating a new Yahoo account.

CAPTCHA unreadable

  • Hear it – Click the headphones icon  below the CAPTCHA to hear what images to select.
  • Try a different code – Click the refresh icon  below the CAPTCHA to see a different code.

CAPTCHA doesn’t display


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