What information is required to create a Yahoo account?

A Yahoo account gives you access to a variety of services, like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Answers, and more. During the sign up process, you’ll need to enter some personal info to keep your account secure and enhance your experience. Gender is the only item on the sign up form that isn’t required.


Yahoo likes to keep things personal. If you share content with others, your name will appear with it.

Email address

You can create a unique Yahoo Mail address or click “I’d rather use my own email address” to use an email from any provider. If you use an existing email, you’ll need access to that account for the verification process.


Creating a strong, unique password is crucial for protecting your account. Once you’re signed up, consider eliminating the need to enter a password by setting up Account Key.

Mobile phone

This line appears if you use a Yahoo Mail address to sign up. You’ll need to enter a valid mobile number for the verification process. This number also serves as a backup contact if you get locked out of your account.

Date of birth

Your date of birth is used as an indicator for the age requirement to create a Yahoo account and it helps personalize your experience.


Disclosing your gender isn’t required but helps Yahoo personalize your experience.


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