Error Code 12030-4 occurs during installation of office 2013/365 and the error messages looks like this “Something went wrong, we ran into a problem. Error Code 12030-4.

The error can occur due to following reason:
1) Antivirus/Windows Firewall interfering with the installation
2) Proxy Setting
3) Preexisting installation of Office
4) Traces of Partial or failed installation of office

How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Error Code 12030-4

Step 1 : Remove Traces of Previous Installation of Office
Microsoft Fix IT Tool for Office Repair

1) Download “Fix it” Tool from Microsoft website. Here is the link:
2) After the download is complete , Open the tool (Check bottom of your browser for Open Button).
3) Run the tool

Try the installation again if it did not work out proceed with Step 2.

Step 2: Disable Windows Firewall Temporarily
Windows 8/8.1
– Press on Start or Windows logo button
– Click on Search and Type “Firewall”
– Click “Windows Firewall”
Click Windows Firewall
– Click on “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”
Windows Firewall Settings
– Click “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)” for each of the network.
Turn off Windows Firewall

Windows 7
– Goto Control Panel (Click on Start and then press on “Control Panel” Button)
– In search Box typein “Firewall” and click on “Windows Firewall”
– Click “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”
– Click on “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)” for all the networks.

Note: Renable windows Firewall after office installation.

Try the installation again. In most cases this would resolve the issue. However if this does not work out then there might be an critical problem with your Computer and needs to be looked by an Expert.


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