A Century of Goro Jewelry: A Legacy of Tradition

Goro was established in 1919 by Gorosaburo Ohara in the town of Nagoya, Japan. The business is better renowned for its substantial-quality precious metals expensive jewelry. Gorosaburo Ohara came into this world in 1892 from the community of Shiojiri within the Nagano Prefecture. He was the fourth youngster of your bad farmer. As he was 14 years of age, he goros kept the place to find look for his fortune inside the town of Nagoya. He identified work in a pawnshop, and later was a goldsmith. In 1919, he established his own precious jewelry retailer, Goro.

Goro quickly grew to become known for its high-quality gold and silver expensive jewelry. The company’s designs were inspired by traditional Japanese and Chinese artwork. In the 1930s, Goro begun to produce Craft Deco jewelry. The company’s jewellery was highlighted in publications and newspapers, and was put on by superstars. In the 1940s, Goro’s jewelry was showcased within the American movie noir traditional The Maltese Falcon.

Goro’s precious jewelry continues to be made by hand, using conventional methods. The company’s gold and silver precious jewelry comes in stores around the globe. Goro’s precious jewelry is recognized for its quality, quality, and sweetness.

The organization is now operate with the 3rd age group of your Ohara family members. Goro’s precious jewelry is still made by hands, using traditional methods. The company’s precious metals jewelry is sold in shops all over the world but you can also buy Goros online. Goro’s jewellery is recognized for its good quality, workmanship, and beauty.

Goro’s expensive jewelry is actually a symbol of Japanese workmanship and custom. The company’s jewellery is donned by celebrities and everyday folks likewise. Goro’s jewelry is an important part of Japan’s ethnic legacy.