The importance of Pitra Devta in our lives

In Hindu customs and mythology, you will discover a deity generally known as Pitra Devta. Pitra Devta is the god of your forefathers, and then he is mainly responsible for guiding the souls in the departed towards the afterlife. He is also in charge of making certain the forefathers are Devi worshipped properly and this their spirits are at peace.

Pitra Devta is definitely a important shape in Hindu traditions, and the man plays a tremendous part in religious ceremonies and also in people’s every day lives. He or she is often invoked during prayer and worship, with his fantastic impression may be found in a lot of properties and temples.

The Roots of Pitra Devta

Pitra Devta is thought to have come about from a yajna, or fireplace give up, that was performed by Brahma. From this forfeit came five siblings who have been called the Pitaras. The Pitaras had been given the job of judgment on the different territories of the world, and so they grew to be known as the guardians of the human race.

Pitra Devta eventually came into existence considered as the ruler of all the Pitaras, and that he came to be worshipped as the god in the ancestors. He or she is often portrayed positioning a staff members in a palm and a cooking pot of water inside the other. He or she is also sometimes demonstrated driving over a buffalo or having a sacrificial supplying.

The necessity of Pitra Devta

Pitra Devta is really a body in Hindu culture for many good reasons. Very first, he is mainly responsible for helping the souls in the departed for the afterlife. It really is believed that whenever a man or woman passes away, their soul would go to Pitra Loka, which is the field of the ancestors. Once there, Pitra Devta will decide where their soul will go following depending on their deeds in life.

Pitra Devta is likewise responsible for ensuring that the forefathers are worshipped properly and that their mood have reached serenity. It can be thought that when the ancestors are certainly not honored as well as their spirits usually are not at peace, they will likely revisit haunt their living relatives.


Pitra devata keeps fantastic relevance in Hindu traditions as he presides above our ancestral lineage & tutorials departed souls in the aftermath. Though he’s deeply venerated, some ritualistic techniques carried out to please him consist of specific pujas, establishing foods aside etc. Undertaking these features our admiration which leads to appeasing & providing peace to PITRA DEVATAS ‘souls.